ABS Electronic Document Management

Over the past century the traditional office has changed dramatically. New technologies such as telecommunications, computers, the Internet, and many others have improved office efficiency. Office staff can do more than ever before.

It is estimated that 80% of all business information is stored solely on paper. This part of the modern office has never changed. Paper documents are still filed away in traditional filing cabinets. Retrieving these documents can be an aggravating experience. Often documents are lost or misplaced. There is rarely a backup of this data. A disaster could easily destroy 80% of a business’s proprietary data.

This is what document management is designed to improve. Document management is the process of digitizing your paper documents into a searchable online library of information. Once your data has been digitized, you can easily search for specific documents saving valuable time and energy. You can also create digital backup copies to store off-site. This ensures that your business will survive any disaster

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